Hey, it's good to see you! 

I'm currently an undergraduate student attending Ryerson University in Toronto majoring in Graphic Communications Management.

As a creator my mission is to keep it short and simple, easy as that. I believe brilliant design is ultimately the spark that ignites human emotion and experience. My creative approach is to breakdown the problem(s), brainstorm ideas (good+bad), and approach the best one.

Passionate about graphic design, environmental design, architecture, film studies, and analog photography. I welcome new adventures that take me out of my comfort zone because essentially that's how I'll grow. 

All photos are taken by me on my tiny film camera. 

Social Media / Contact

Instagram: @itsme_kel

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kelly-chau-                      2a438789/

Email: kelly.chau@ryerson.ca

Great things never came from comfort zones.
— Anonymous