LIGHT BEAM    Light beam  to me refers to a force of bright lights that casts itself on something.
  NATIV   A fictitious app that allows travellers to communicate and get information regarding the best local spots from locals in that city/country of destination. The goal of this app was to connect people from all over the world and hopefully make them feel like a  Nativ !
  MONTREAL   Photos that summed up my adventures of Montreal when I solo traveled there in the summer.
  ETERNITY   What feels like an eternity when it’s looking grime outside.
  WEBSITE   These are screen grabs of a website I created from scratch using HTML coding called  Architecture Among Other Things . The thought process that went behind this website was just to create something fun and showcase my interest for film photography, bold design, and architecture all on one platform.   If you would like to view the website live, copy the link below:
  INVITE   The design of a fold over postcard completed for my Digital and Variable Data Course, in which I designed a formal CMYK themed invitation to send to various print and design companies to invite them to the Graphic Communications Management third year job fair.